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There used to be a time when gaming magazines were a big part of our beloved industry. However, with the rise of digital media, the majority of video game magazines have called it quits or moved online. However, we long for a day where physical, print gaming magazines live on — and that’s why we created From Gamers Magazine!

There’s just something special about gaming magazines. If you’ve ever subscribed to one, you know what we’re talking about. Constantly checking your mail to see if the latest issue has arrived, flipping through the pages and smelling that new magazine smell, and of course, reading unique and interesting perspectives are just a few things that made these magazines special. We miss those days, don’t you?


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What Is From Gamers Magazine?

From Gamers Magazine is similar to gaming magazines in the past, but is entirely focused on current-generation gaming. That’s not to say that we won’t have retro reviews or retrospectives on older games, it just means that the majority of our content will be focused on current events, releases, and upcoming games. 

In addition to the focus on present-day gaming, From Gamers is a community-driven publication. This means that anyone and everyone that has a good grasp of the English language and has the ability to put their thoughts into words is welcome to pitch our magazine. If you have an idea, motivation, and drive to share your passion with the gaming community, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. 

What Type of Content Is In From Gamers Magazine?

From Gamers will focus on current and modern gaming. From editorials, features, and opinions, to reviews, previews, and listicles, you can expect a variety of different content in each issue. 

Each page is jam-packed with content from different members of the gaming community. Here’s the type of content you can expect in each issue:

  • Cover Story: The core focus of each issue will be a unique, well-researched cover story that discusses an upcoming game with a unique angle. 
  • Reviews: Each issue will have a few different reviews of recent releases from a variety of different voices.
  • Opinions: Part of what makes content creation great is sharing unique perspectives. Each issue of From Gamers will give a voice to creators to express theirs.
  • Features: There are lots of cool things to discuss in the world of gaming, and our original and unique features will do just that!
  • Interviews: There are lots of cool people doing cool things in the gaming industry. We want to tell their story!
  • Artwork: Each issue will have original artwork from a variety of creators within the gaming community!
  • Much More: Each issue will be unique and jam-packed with exciting content, art, and design!

You won’t be disappointed!

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